Revision History

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4/5: Added 6 tracks from Me And Mr. Johnson, plus That's What My Man Is For from the On Tour With Delaney And Bonnie album. Made corrections to Ain't Going Down, Behind The Mask, and Blue Eyes Blue, and the songwriting credit on I Found A Love. Added about 100 more links from song pages to the albums where they appear (link total: 581).

6/22: Added 32-20 Blues, Come On In My Kitchen, If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day, Love In Vain, Milkcow's Calf Blues. Updated Kind Hearted Woman Blues to reflect new studio take instead of live take from Crossroads II. Made corrections to songwriting credit and lyrics on You Don't Know Like I Know, and corrections to lyrics on Run.

Last change: Added One Day.


4/25: Added One More Car, One More Rider and BBC Sessions to the discography, and fixed Over The Rainbow (previous lyrics were not from official release), The Core (correction) and Better Make It Through Today (typo).

Final count: 328 songs.


3/26: Louise was added and the site was upgraded to XHTML.

6/23: We completed a major look and feel overhaul, added several easter eggs, brought the totally opinionated reviews up to date, and took a pass over every lyric file to improve formatting and find typos. (Major winners: Lead Me On, Early In The Morning, The Core, Keep On Growing, It All Depends, Pretty Girl, Miss You, Key To Love, Runaway Train, and Hoodoo Man.)

7/4: added 11 more tracks -- half of the Delaney & Bonnie album (thanks to Shawn Sprague): Things Get Better, Poor Elijah - Tribute To Johnson (medley), Only You Know And I Know and Where There's A Will, There's A Way. We also added the Aussie-only single You Don't Know Like I Know, Loving Your Lovin' from Wayne's World, and the rest of the Edge Of Darkness soundtrack (5 songs).

8/22: Added links from many of the song pages to the albums where they appear in the discography (467 links, which is around 80% done). Worked around a bug in Internet Explorer that made it hard to select lyrics.

Final count: 328 songs.


1/16: added "Three O'Clock Blues", "Hold On I'm Coming", and "Marry You". Subscribed to the Atomz search engine in January.

2/10: added "Days Of Old", "I Wanna Be" (finishing Riding With The King) and "Whatcha Gonna Do", and fixed "Thorn Tree In The Garden" and "Mean Old Frisco".

Half of Reptile was added on 3/27, three more tracks were added on 4/4, another three were added on 4/16, and the album was polished off on 4/18. 4/18: added "Border Song".

4/27: made the site better looking (the "brown look"), easier to use and more Netscape-friendly, and added "Johnny Guitar".

5/8: added "Lonely Years" and "Evil" (completing the Crossroads boxed set) along with "Losing Hand".

7/9: added "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", the encore for current concerts.

11/5: "Rollin' and Tumblin'" was fixed and the 90's tribute album tracks "Stone Free", "Ain't Gone 'n Give Up On Your Love", and "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" were added.

Added 27 tracks, bringing the total to 316 songs.


2/2: added "Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever", "Singin' The Blues" (finishing There's One In Every Crowd) and "Hoodoo Man".

3/30: added "Lady Of Verona", "(I) Get Lost", "I'm Your Witchdoctor", "Telephone Blues", "Grand Illusion" (finishing August) and "Walkin' Down The Road" (finishing Crossroads II), fixed "Had To Cry Today", and made the site Explorer 5.0 compliant.

9/6: added "Riding With The King", "Ten Long Years", "Help The Poor", "When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer" and "Come Rain Or Come Shine", fixed "Lady Of Verona", and added style sheets.

Added 14 more tracks, bringing the total to 289 songs.


Added 9 more tracks: "Inside Of Me" (finishing Pilgrim), "Eyesight To The Blind", "Behind The Mask", "Watch Yourself", "Don't Know Which Way To Go", "Kind Hearted Woman", "Stormy Monday", "Meet Me" and "Blue Eyes Blue".

The totally opinionated reviews moved from my home page to the ECLA. The site now only has one set of lyric files, organized by song and not by album. In May I ditched the marble background for solid colors (the "blue look") and added icons.

Final count: 275 songs.


Added 23 tracks: Knock On Wood, Ain't That Lovin' You, Pretty Blue Eyes, It All Depends (finishing Behind The Sun), One Jump Ahead Of The Storm, I Found A Love, Don't Blame Me, Little Rachel, Jailbait and Get Ready (finishing 461 Ocean Boulevard), plus 13/14ths of Pilgrim.

Final count: 266 songs.

The discography was expanded to include red letter days in Clapton's career. Album pages were converted from raw text to HTML files. I made a badge for the site and added background textures in October (the "marble look"), increasing the graphics from 4K per page to a still speedy 8K.


Added 8 tracks: Behind The Sun, .44, Just Like A Prisoner, Never Make You Cry, Pearly Queen, See What Love Can Do, Tangled In Love and Walk Away.

Final count: 243 songs.


Final count: 235 songs.